Officine Maccaferri: joint venture with Marita Group


Zola Predosa (BO), 20 October 2017. The agreement for a joint venture between the leading environmental engineering firm Officine Maccaferri (OM) and the Société Marita Immobilière (SMI), a Moroccan holding company, was signed today in Rabat which operates in the industrial, real estate, energy, environmental, mobility and education sectors, with 7,600 employees and an investment […]

Offices Maccaferri among the companies presented on September 28 from NOI TECHPARK South Tyrol. Below is the agency that reports the news


ROME, SEPTEMBER 28 – Innovation, scientific research, technology, but also culture, shows, food and wine. Over 20 workshops, 6 institutes, spaces to host new businesses within a zero-impact green park. A beautiful building of the rational rationalism of the 1930s – was one of the largest aluminum production facilities in Italy and has been completely […]

With Sebigas UAC the Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri energy arrives also in Thailand


SEBIGAS, specialized in the design and construction of biogas plants since 2008, thanks to its local joint venture SEBIGAS UAC, has been awarded for the construction of a 1MWe biogas plant in Udon, northeast of Thailand, by Ruangsiriwan Green Energy. Ruangsiriwan Co. Ltd, located in Bangkok, is active since December 2010 in the construction of power […]

For more than a century the Maccaferri Group has been operating in the industrial production sector, faithful to its origins and to its mission: industrial vocation, business diversification, internationalization. Over the years, the Maccaferri Group has grown to be a modern and dynamic economic reality, active in many different business sectors in order to ensure its stability and its presence in today’s global market. Strong commitment and continuous investments in innovation have ensured technological and manufacturing leadership to the Group’s companies operating worldwide.

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