Eni Impianto FV (eni)

Bologna, 23 April 2018. Enerray has finished the construction and the setting up of the first photovoltaic system on land that will be used by Eni Green Data Center on the behalf of Eni New Energy, the new company of Eni group dedicated to the development of plans for the production of energy from renewable sources in Italy. The solar plant will be entirly devoted to the support of the “operating brain” of the oil colossus, located in the city of Ferrera Erbognone (PV), in close proximity to the refinery of Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi.

The system realized by Enerray, the company controlled by Seci Energia (Maccaferri Industrial Group), will be able to generate an amount of power equal to 964 kWp, with a manufacturing capacity of 1.438 MWh/year, thanks to the installation of 2.968 panels of polycrystalline, and will guarantee, at the same time, a reduction of the CO2 emissions equal to approximately 800 tons.

The Green Data Center of Eni – active 24/7 – will absorb all the energy produced from the photovoltaic system made by Enerray, in a self-consumption cycle powered by a structure of the latest generation.

The development of the production of energy from renewable sources in the Countries and the places where Eni works, represents a key component of strategy for the society which aims to the developlment of a business model towards a low carbon scenario.

“This is the confirmation that in Italy there is still space to run important projects for the construction of new photovoltaic plants adressed to the businesses that want to invest in innovation, energetic saving and protection of the environment” – has commented Michele Scandellari, CEO of Seci Energia. “Enerray, even in this occasion, has found innovative solutions to solve the specific needs of the customer, ensuring a contribution of high electrical production despite the limited space available offered by the land. Due to this reason, the technical team has considered the utilization of a mono-axial tracker of the latest generation (with a structure that allows the panels to reposition themselves according to the position of the sun) able to assamble two panels in vertical for a total number of 22 rows of panels.”

The support poles of the structure will be assembled by special pile-drivers machines. To give power to the system, it was decided to use only one central inverter.

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