The “Ditta Raffaele Officina da Fabbro" is born, where gabions were produced by hand for the first time.

The 20s

The first acquisitions and diversifications are handled by Gaetano Maccaferri (1876-1968), whose entrepreneurial spirit has paved the way for subsequent generations.


S.A.M.P. – Società Anonima Meccanica di Precisione – is founded. The Group enters the sugar market disclosing S.A.D.A.M. – Società Anonima Distilleria Agricola Marchigiana.


The holding company S.E.C.I – Società Esercizi Commerciali Industriali – is established.

The 80s

Redefinition of areas of business through mergers, takeovers, acquisitions and participation in new industrial initiatives. Driving this are Guglielmo and Angelo, sons of the founder Gaetano.

The 90s

The management of the Group passes to the next generation: Gaetano, Massimo, Alessandro and Antonio Maccaferri, the sons of Angelo.

80s and 90s

The Group's portfolio increases: HATU' (rubber and condoms), ICO (syringes and thermometers), ITALO-SVIZZERA (agricultural machinery), CESAB (forklift trucks), ACCIAIERIE BERTOLI (steel production), SAIRA (components and prefabricated buildings),
IPS and ILM (steel and copper wiring), IMSER and ADANTI (general contractor). According to a business redefinition strategy, these participations will be gradually dismissed.


Sadam and Eridania merge, creating the Eridania Sadam Group meaning sugar in Italy.


The Real Estate and Construction industry position is strengthened with SECI Real Estate; the Group already existed in mining and construction industry with S.A.P.A.BA.


SECI Energia, sub-holding in the energy sector, and Manifatture Sigaro Toscano, the company that makes and sells the iconic Italian cigar, are founded.


The Group enters the biotechnology sector by acquiring the majority of Gnosis, a company specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of active ingredients and finished products made from bio-fermentation processes. The participation will be sold in 2015.


The Group acquires EXERGY, a pioneering company for the development of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology in the energy efficiency sector.


Manifatture Sigaro Toscano acquires Avanti Cigar Company, an American producer of cigars branded Avanti, Parodi and DeNobili.


The participation in Eridania Italia is sold to the French Cristal Union, implementing a strategic plan designed to get out of the commodity sector, focusing on developing innovative products with higher added value.

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