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Diversification in the sectors where we do business and the ability to seize opportunities in constantly evolving global markets: this is the mission of the Maccaferri Group, an industrial corporation active since 1879. We have maintained a worldwide presence in order to offer products, technologies and services both to companies in most advanced industrial sectors, and to consumers. Valuing people, thinking and acting with professionalism and transparency with a view to achieving comprehensive sustainable and environmental development, are our core values on which we base our continuing growth.

We embody the story of the family that still owns the company and drives its strategic choices. Since the founding of the first company bearing its name, the Maccaferri family has always been at the forefront of the group’s expansion. Alongside the family, since 1949, S.E.C.I. – Società Esercizi Commerciali Industriali – through the managers of its controlled individual businesses, translate the holding company’s strategies into operational decisions.

S.E.C.I. S.p.A. is based in Bologna with the following corporate positions: Gaetano Maccaferri (President), Alessandro Maccaferri (Vice President), Pierluigi De Angelis (Managing Director).

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